Molo Lolo

Cape Town, South Africa

Molo Lolo is a hospitality brand with a difference. Their heart lies with offering products that stretch past mere comfort and luxury, to experiences that introduce their guests to their host cities. At the moment, their portfolio include two properties in Cape Town, South Africa, with exciting plans for expansion.

How the Molo Lolo team uses Springnest

  • NightsBridge integration to promote direct bookings
  • Up-sell Cape Town Experiences with Activity pages
  • Early bird discounts and more with Special Offers
  • Marketing in multiple languages

What they said

“Usually when dealing with template based service, one feels restricted in the application, but here we felt supported and confident that Springnest would serve us well. We particularly enjoy the freedom to edit and change our pages in real time and as needed. I see a long term relationship with Springnest as our business grows.”

Laurence Armand Owner

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