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Lebos' Soweto Backpackers & Tours

Soweto, South Africa

Lebo's Backpackers lodge is situated in Orlando West, a vibrant community in Soweto, rich in history and culture. Lebo - founder of “Lebo’s Soweto” grew up in the house which is today the Backpackers hostel. He was introduced to the tourism industry as buses started coming in numbers in the early 2000’s. He was then selling craft at the Hector Pieterson memorial in Soweto and started inviting some of the travelers he met to his home to experience another side of Soweto than viewing the township from a bus-window. A few years after that Lebo started the now popular Soweto bicycle tour taking people out of the car and on to the streets of Soweto.

How the Lebo's team uses Springnest

  • A combination of Accommodation and Activity Pages to present and sell their diverse product mix
  • Domestic marketing campaign promotion with Special Offers
  • Facebook Chat Widget for realtime visitor communication
  • Health and Safety pledge via the COVID-19 Toolkit

What they said

“Springnest is the ideal platform to update your website in a very seamless way, we are very happy with the design and various features. During this difficult time in the tourism industry, we found it easy to add our health and safety pledge to ensure we are following protocols. We use the Special Offers module to attract our local market with campaigns and discounted offers - this feature really helped us to put these campaigns together that we could easily market on our various digital platforms.”

Maria Malepa Manager and Co-owner

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